London, Hyde Park Concert Act Two In Azeeza

Barbra Streisand wore this black ruffled silk Azeeza dress for Act Two of her Hyde Park concert. Azeeza Khan is a Chicago-based designer with color theory and embellishing expertise. With free-flowing dresses, embroidered accessories, and hints of exoticism, her designs are flattering and supremely elegant. Each garment is handmade with in-house dyed silk fabrics, traditional embellishment techniques, and expert craftsmanship. As the leading fashion house in the windy city, Azeeza crafts her garments with prominent creatives, which led to an exclusive partnership with Barneys. Azeeza designs have been worn by some of the most iconic women of our time including Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, and now Barbra Streisand. 

Barbra’s shift cut dress is make from 100% black silk. It features a v-neck which Barbra wore to one side show flaunt her shoulder. Peeking out was a black crystal bra strap which matched her sparkling chocker and diamond bracelets. The silhouette showcases a high low design with ruffles, which is the hallmark Azeeza look. The sleeves of the dress flow into ruffles in a cape like fashion, giving us a modern fresh take on Barbra’s signature style. 

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