London, Hyde Park Concert Act One In Zandra Rhodes

Photo By Russell James

Barbra wore custom Zandra Rhodes for Act one of her British Summertime show in Hyde Park on July 7th, 2019. Barbra worked personally with Rhodes to design this vibrant look. This was a wonderful nod to one of London’s most celebrated fashion icons.

Photo by Dave J Hogan

Zandra Rhodes is a British designer famous for her use of bold and unique patterns. She made her biggest splash in 1977 with the establishment take on punk, which she called Conceptual Chic. She created dresses with holes and beaded safety pins 10 years before Versace, to form a sort of embroidery, mixed with loosely drawn figures screen-printed on silk jersey, or on the newly developed Ultrasuede fabric. Rhodes is the founder of the Fashion And Textile Museum in London. Barbra was also seen in her pieces in Meet The Fockers.

Meet The Fockers In Zandra Rhodes

Barbra’s Hyde Park fuchsia and blue flowing kaftan is made from silk chiffon. It features a floral rose screen print along with zig-zags and swirls, and oval shoulder cutouts trimmed with round blue beads. The flowing sleeves secured to her hands with finger attachments which allowed for ease of movement onstage. Round light blue beads also edge the v neck. The hems are hand rolled.

Barbra paired this with a pair of matching fuchsia pants, pink heels and a red floral statement necklace.

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