1972-On Location In Kenya For “Up The Sandbox” In A OG-107 Shirt

Barbra Streisand wore this OG-107 Army shirt in June of 1972, during her visit to Kenya, while filming “Up The Sandbox.” Barbra pitched the idea of filming on location in Africa for authenticities sake, and was able to get the producers approval to green light the trip. The OG-107 (also nicknamed the jungle jacket) was named for it’s classic shade of 8.5 olive green sateen. This uniform came onto the scene in 1952 and was phased out in 1987.  It is most closely associated with the Vietnam war and was considered the standard Army uniform for soldiers at home and abroad. When veterans returned home to protest the unjust war, they often wore their olive green shirts, turning them into a symbol of rebellion rather than obedience. The design of this shirt morphed over the years. Barbra wears the 0G-107 type III which began being made in 1964. This was the most common version of the shirt & the version also famously worn by John Lennon. 

The left side of Barbra’s shirt touts a custom Streisand nametag. The US military began making use of nametags during World War II for combat and work clothing, but eventually extended them to dress uniforms. 
The left sleeve has a US Army 82nd Airborne division patch. This division is a branch of the US Army specializing in parachute assault operations into denied areas. This is the Army’s most strategically mobile division and known as the best trained light infantry division in the world. Below this is a Bugs Bunny 3” canvas, sew on patch reading “Whats Up Doc.” This was a nod to Barbra’s film with the same title, which had opened just three months prior. 

The front left pocket has a California Military Academy insignia patch. CMA is a branch of the California Army National Guard located at Camp San Luis Obispo. It was established in 1950, but called “Officer Candidate School” until 1961. 
The right pocket of the shirt has a very 70’s sex sign astrology patch reading “Taurus Creative” that is 2 ½ X 2”. 
The right sleeve has a large blue peace sign patch, as well as a U.S. Army shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI). The shirt also features two button closure patch pockets, a spread collar and a five button front closure. This shirt sold at auction in 2004 for $3,600.00 USD.

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